Dungeon Defenders II is growing up! Gather around as it emerges from the primordial ooze and turns into an Alpha. With a big bang, the Alpha & Beyond update adds story, a rebalanced Nightmare mode, freaking rocket boots and so much more to the Etherian universe. Okay, we couldn't figure out which "getting better" metaphor to go with, so we went with all of them.

What's beyond? We're going to rapidly iterate on and improve the core feature set of the game. New feature work will still be ongoing in Alpha (insert obligatory controller support tease here), but we will also be focusing on bug fixing and balancing on a near weekly basis. Thank you all for your support. We can't wait to hear what you think of Alpha & Beyond!














    Alpha Text

    • Changed the Pre-Alpha watermark to Alpha. And that’s it. That’s the Alpha & Beyond update. We did it! There’s nothing left to do with the game. It’s done. It’s finished.
    • Wait. Oops. It’s not finished. Our producer Alvin says, “There’s still more work left! More balance, more bug fixes, more new features.” More, more, more. Okay, Alvin!
    • We don’t have a producer named Alvin.
    • Added a new intern named Bill. Changed Bill’s name to Alvin (we can do that). Promoted Alvin to producer, title only. #BlameAlvin

    Daily Map Bonus System

    • Added a Daily Map Bonus to encourage players to play on different maps.
    • Every day, you’ll get 5 charges that grant bonuses. Playing on a different map and winning will use a charge.
    • In Free Play, a charge will give you extra XP. In End Game, a charge will improve your Victory Chest drop. Activate a charge by playing and completing a different map.
    • Your fifth and final charge will grant a super XP or Victory Chest boost.
    • You cannot purchase extra charges. This is not a monetization mechanic.

    Private and Public Tavern Changes

    • First of all, you can go straight to a Private Tavern from the Main Menu. Did you just cheer out loud? We did, too.
    • Plus, you can now move back and forth between the Private and Public Tavern by using the appropriate door in the Tavern!

    New Monk Passives and Skill Sphere

    • Passives:
      • Purge Evil:  Enemies that die inside Serenity Aura detonate and deal a percentage of the monk's Defense Power as damage around it. Appears on the Malthius Legendary Polearm (this is a rework of the previous Malthius Legendary passive).
      • Serenity Slows:  Serenity aura slows targets inside it. Appears on medallions of Powerful rarity and higher.
      • Serenity Range:  Serenity Range increased by a percentage - appears on all armor pieces of Powerful rarity and higher.
    • Skill Sphere:
      • Serenity Aura Gambit:  Serenity Aura Range is increased but Health is reduced.

    Skill Spheres UI

    • Added “Level Unlocks” on each Skill Sphere so players can understand the progression.
    • Added “Effects of Current Spheres” section that details what your Spheres are currently giving your hero.
    • Added “View All” button to allow players to quickly find Skill Spheres of any type.
    • Reorganized the Skill Sphere selection menu to display more Spheres on screen at once.

    The Scavenger

    • Your TIB has been replaced by a homeless man. Egads!
    • You’ll find the Scavenger in the Tavern. If you run out of inventory space, The Scavenger will hold onto anything you pick up when you have a full inventory. He'll also collect items that fall out of the world, but you'll have to make space in your Inventory to get them back!
    • Items that are not collected from the map are not sent to the Scavenger.
    • Items that expire in the Scavenger's stash are taken by him and you will never get to see them again! They are not sold.


    • Added an introduction cinematic created by Blackmeal! The cinematic explains what’s happened in the five years between DD1 and DD2.
    • Added new campaign NPC dialogue. If you want to get more story, you might want to play through the Campaign again!
    • Speaking of story...

    Happy Ramparts and Happy Throne Room

    • We replaced the Besieged versions of The Ramparts and The Throne Room with more “happy” versions. There are a few minor gameplay differences on these versions.
    • The Ramparts:  The Cannon subobjective has been removed from this version as it does not need to shoot down incoming enemy ships. The guards will move the cannon back into place should the castle ever come under siege.
    • The Throne Room:  Two of the extra lanes that were in Throne Room have new doors installed. These two doors that lead to the lower crystal will hopefully hold those extra enemies off. But for now, PROTECT THE KING AND THE PRINCE. They are standing up by the throne with a few trembling guards.

    Onslaught Mode

    • Added Onslaught versions of Throne Room and Little-Horn Valley.

    New Pet Abilities

    • Premium pet ability: Void Tendrils (Creeper)
    • Monthly pet ability: Field of Swords (Creeper)
    • Standard pet ability: Stranglethorn (Poison)
    • Standard pet ability: Dragon Protection (Dragon)
    • Standard pet ability: Poisonous Tips (Poison)
    • Standard pet ability: Sparkle Party (Gato)
    • Standard pet ability: Bubble Entrapment (Water)
    • Standard pet ability: Bouncing Lightning (Wind)
    • Standard pet ability: Drenching Wave (Water)

    Contextual Cursor Icons

    • You’ll notice new interaction iconography as you move and interact with towers, NPCs, and more in the world of Etheria. Let us know how they look!

    Hero Deck UI

    • Hero Deck cards now display the costume of the hero! 

    Summary Screen Changes

    • Summary Screen now has a vote:  Replay/Retry or Return to Tavern. The game will immediately transition after all players vote. If you’re in a solo match, the game will transition when you cast your vote.
    • Replay only works if all players vote for it.

    Costume Shop UI

    • We added the ability to preview unlockable accessories from the shop UI. Just look at those sweet Magma Mage upgrades!


    Hero Costumes

    • There are three glorious new Hero Costumes:
    • SteamPunktress (Huntress) - 1200 Gems
      • This costume has rocket boots! It has 3 custom animations, including a unique spawn-in animation. It has 3 mythic accessories. And it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever.
    • Dryad Apprentice - 800 Gems
      • Become one with nature!
    • Magma Mage (Apprentice) - 1200 Gems
      • Evolve this costume to turn into a Volcano. At higher levels, this costume’s scarf leaves trails of lava in its wake. It has 3 custom animations and 3 mythic accessories. Finally a cool Apprentice costume!

    The Big Hunt Monthly Quest

    • We added a new Monthly Quest to the game -- The Big Hunt!
      • Rewards
      • New Monthly Pet: Possessed Sword
      • 30,000 Gold
      • 40 Wyvern Tokens
    • Conditions
      • Be The One To Slay 80 Ogres!
      • Hatch 15 Pets!
      • Gain 75 Pet Affection Levels!

    New Pets

    • Premium pet: Evilwick (Creeper)
    • Monthly pet: Possessed Sword (Creeper)
    • Standard pet: Serving Servant (Creeper)
    • Standard pet: Fairy Creepermother (Creeper)
    • Standard pet: Green Eyes (Dragon)
    • Standard pet: Brragon (Dragon)
    • Standard pet: Kitty General (Gato)

    Siphon Site D Updates

    • We have added some quality of life additions into Siphon Site D. We noticed a number of players falling to their deaths in more than a few sections of the map, which led to understandable frustration. Some holes have been filled, and some areas have been updated to be more distinct from other sections of the map. Hopefully this eases some of the unnecessary frustrations with the map.

    Dragonfall Sewers Updates

    • Dragonfall Sewers also received some much-needed adjustments. A number of jumps have been adjusted to be less frustrating. A RAMP, A GLORIOUS RAMP has been added to the ledge near the Forge. The subobjective lane that is close to the Forge area now has less pipes and more cavern. We added some bridges between the two sides of the map to allow easier transitions between both sides as well as adjusted the center pipes for a better jumping experience.

    Dialogue Box Updates

    • We tightened these up a lot, adding SFX, animations, and fades, especially on level 3.

    Quest Updates

    • Created splines for all Quests that involved NPCs.
    • Removed the ‘Open Mailbox’ Quest.
    • Removed all ‘Open the Forge’ Quests.
    • Moved the Relic Hunter Quest to later in progression.



    Player Scaling Balance

    • Updated the enemy level scaling per player for Free Play Hard, End Game Insane and Nightmare:
      • Enemies will now be 3 levels lower per player missing on Free Play Hard and End Game Insane.
      • Enemies will now be 7 levels lower per player missing on Nightmare.

    Nightmare Balance

    • Added a specific difficulty rating for two players. Nightmare now has difficulty ratings for 1, 2 and 4 player buckets.
    • Added a specific difficulty rating for two players. Nightmare now has difficulty ratings for 1, 2 and 3-4 player buckets.
    • Updated the threats for each player bucket to be more consistent.
    • Updated the Nightmare mega schedule to be more challenging.
    • Adjusted enemy health for Nightmare.

    Loot Drop

    • Loot no longer drops from regular enemies on Wave 1 in Free Play and End Game. Loot will drop from these enemies on Wave 2 and beyond in Free Play and End Game.
    • Loot will drop from Special Enemies and Minibosses on Waves 1 and 2 (and beyond) in Free Play and End Game.

    Build Item

    • Build Legendary Weapons now only drop in Nightmare 1 onward. Other build passives still appear throughout the game (for the time being), but the legendary weapons have different drop rules.
    • Victory Chests now have a high chance of having the Legendary Build Weapons drop from them. This is an extra roll and doesn't consume the default item roll of the Victory Chest. Note: eventually all build items will have a high chance of appearing from Victory Chests.
    • Build Items are boosted by the Daily Bonus system.
    • Build Legendary Items only appear starting on the fourth wave in all Nightmare maps. They will not drop before Wave 4.

    Lane Resistance

    • Updated each map to have Neutral Lanes.
      • These Neutral Lane traits will not have resistances on the enemies. This will allow opportunities for players to place towers in order to cover multiple lanes without being punished by the resistances. This is for all playlists all the way from Free Play Easy to Nightmare IV.
    • Removed resistances from air lanes and sub-objective lanes for all difficulties (this is a temporary change but we’d love to hear your feedback!).
    • Removed resistances from air lanes and subobjective lanes for all difficulties.


    • Onslaught Mode reward schedule rebalanced:  It now has a chance to give out much higher iPwr loot earlier in the Round progression. Getting to later Rounds still increases the iPwr range and makes it more likely to receive great loot, but it should start feeling rewarding much earlier in the progression.
    • Rebalanced Onslaught schedules to reduce some of the unfair-feeling difficulty spikes:
      • Reduced overall count of enemies during the Hordes theme by 20%.
      • Reduced overall count of Lightning Bugs by 20%.
      • Reduced overall count of Wyverns by 20%.
      • Reduced overall count of enemies during the Drakin theme by 15%.
      • Reduced overall count of enemies during the Warboar theme by 15%.
      • These reductions are weighted towards low-threat lanes, meaning that Solo players should see an additional difficulty reduction through these changes.
      • Increased the level reduction when playing with less than 4 players.

    Pets Balance

    • Updated pet auto attack values (damage and attack speed) for all pets
    • Updated pet auto attack damage types for all pets
    • Updated roll chance for species and elemental abilities for all pets
    • Updated evolution recipes to be consistent with pet rarity

    Free Play Experience

    • Revised experience on all Free Play maps to follow new complexity-bucket groupings:
    • Gates of Dragonfall, Dragonfall Bazaar and Forest Ambush give the least XP.
    • Siphon Site D, Dragonfall Sewers, Forgotten Ruins, Liferoot Forest and The Ramparts gives average XP.
    • Nimbus Reach, Greystone Plaza, Little-Horn Valley and Throne Room give the highest XP
    • The Wyvern Den gives custom XP since it is only 5 waves.

    Defense Balance

    • Flameburst Tower:  Defense Power ratio increased 1.2 -> 1.35.
    • Elemental Chaos Trap:  Defense Power Ratio reduced 1.65 -> 1.50.
    • Explosive Trap:  Defense Power Ratio reduced 0.925 -> 0.85.
    • Lightning Aura:  Defense Power ratio increased 0.35 -> 0.36.
    • Lightning Strikes:  Aura Defense Power ratio increased 5.0 -> 5.2.

    Passives and Skill Sphere Balance

    • Amped Up (Passive):  Attack Rate boost decreased 19% -> 8%.
    • Black Arrow (Passive):  Changed extra damage type to Physical; reduced extra damage scalar 40% -> 30%.
    • Breaker (Passive):  Changed the way Breaker Passive works to disable an exploit we discovered; the amount of armor it reduces has been reduced; the number of times it stacks has changed to 1.
    • Fire For Effect (Skill Sphere):  Second explosion damage decreased 75% -> 40%.
    • Frost Fire (Passive):  Now increases Defense Speed by flat amount instead of a % of Defense Power.
    • Frosty Power (Passive):  Defense Power scalar reduced 40% Max -> 10% Max.
    • Hearty Harpoon (Passive):  Renamed to Speedy Harpoon; now increases Defense Speed by a flat amount instead of a % of Defense Health.
    • Hearty Blockade (Passive):  Hero Health scalar reduced 10% Max -> 5% Max.
    • Phoenix Luck (Passive):  Crit Chance reduced 9% Max -> 8% Max.
    • Phoenix Call (Passive):  Defense Power scalar reduced 400% Max -> 200% Max.
    • Pyromania Damage (Passive):  Scalar decreased 19% -> 10%.
    • Tripwire Damage (Passive):  Scalar decreased 19% -> 10%.
    • Victory Smell (Passive):  Minimum values increased such that this always increases the numbers of ticks by at least 1.

    Defense Placement

    • Fixed longstanding placement issues with Auras and other traps.
    • Revised the placement rules for Monk Defenses:
      • Lightning Aura and Lighting Strikes Aura now can overlap by 50%, but cannot be any closer to each other.
      • Boost Auras and Serenity Auras can overlap by 25% (but buffs do not stack).
      • Boost Aura and Serenity Aura have slightly larger placement footprints.
      • Skyguard Tower has a smaller placement footprint.
    • Revised the placement rules for Huntress Defenses:
      • Explosive Traps now require a little bit more room between each placement.

    Ability Power

    • Arcane Volley
      • Increased Crit Damage scalar 1.5 -> 2.0.
      • Increased Ability Power ratio 5.5 -> 15.0.
      • Set maximum marked targets to 3.
      • Arcanist Passive now only increases the maximum marked targets by 1.
    • Lightning Rod
      • Increased Crit Damage scalar 1.0 -> 2.0.
      • Added Base Damage 400.
      • Increased Ability Power ratio 4.8 -> 7.0.
      • Suspended and Struck Marked Targets receive 50% more damage.
    • Mana Bomb
      • Increased Ability Power ratio 28.0 -> 32.0.
    • Tornado
      • Increased Ability Power ratio 1.3 -> 1.35.
    • Oil Flask
      • Increased Ability Power ratio 10.0 -> 15.0.
      • Decreased duration 10.0s -> 8.0s.
      • Increased Ignite Ability Power ratio 2.1 -> 2.5.
    • Piercing Shot
      • Decreased Cooldown 20 -> 18.
      • Increased Mana Cost 75 -> 80.
      • Decreased Ability Power ratio 35.0 -> 32.0.
    • Sticky Nades
      • Added Base Damage 400.
      • Increased Ability Power ratio 6.0 -> 18.0.
      • Increased Cooldown 5.0 -> 8.0.
    • Chi Blast
      • Increased Crit Damage scalar 1.75 -> 2.0.
      • Increased Ability Power ratio 10.0 -> 18.0.
    • Heroic Wave
      • Increased Heal Ability Power ratio 1.5 -> 2.0.
    • Pole Smash
      • Increased Ability Power ratio 8.0 -> 16.0.
      • Increased Mana Cost 25 -> 30.
    • Shielding Wave
      • Increased Shield Ability Power ratio 3.0 -> 8.0.
    • Sword Beam
      • Increased Crit Damage scalar 0.7 -> 2.0.
      • Increased Ability Power ratio 7.5 -> 14.0.
      • Damage type changed to Physical.
    • Empowered Sword Beam
      • Increased Ability Power ratio 3.5 -> 8.0.
      • Increased Mana Cost 30 -> 40.
      • Increased Cooldown 8 -> 9.
      • Damage type changed to Physical.
    • Seismic Slam
      • Damage type changed to Physical Crushing.

    Updated Passives to Affect Uber Abilities (Where Possible)

    • Full Hearts passive now affects Empowered Sword Beam.
    • Mighty Wind passive now affects Lightning Rod.

    Damage Reduction Stat Balance

    • Squire Shield Block Skill Sphere:  Block Bonus decreased 50% -> 25%.
    • Squire Provoke:  Damage Reduction decreased 25% -> 15%.
    • Resistances:  Appear on items at 33% of their prior values.

    Economy Balance

    • Increased the sell value of items by 25%.
    • Decreased the gold cost for upgrading items by 25%.

    Campaign Intro Enemy Update

    • Revised the health and damage values on intro enemies.
    • Increased the health values of all non-Kobold intro enemies.
    • Decreased the health values of intro Kobolds.
    • Increased the damage of all non-Kobold intro enemies.
    • Normalized the damage of Kobold intro enemies to not scale as hard with level.

    Nightmare Map Experience

    • XP values are lower than Free Play, but should allow for some Accessory progression.
    • Onslaught awards a small amount of XP per wave.
    • End Game Free Play awards an escalating amount of XP per wave.
    • Incursions award an escalating amount of xp per wave.

    Extra Notes

    • Drastically reduced the amount of XP it takes to level up a Costume accessory.
    • Increased Core Health in End Game for the main and subobjectives so the ogre no longer one-shot butt stomps objectives.
    • Fixed the visual indicator for range of malthius heal radius to match the radius of the heal volume.
    • Changed "Trollblood" secondary trait to regenerate a flat amount of HP, rather than a %.
    • Fixed duration timers on all damage over time pet abilities




    • Fixed an issue where a ring glowed with radioactive radiance. This is an important patch note, so it goes first!
    • Fixed an issue where the Inventory couldn’t remember which bags you had open. Thank god.
    • Skill Spheres now go directly to your shiny-new Skill Spheres screen instead of your inventory. This fixes a ton of issues. Most notably, all of our confusion.
    • Added an option to re-bind the rotate camera action (B button by default) in the Controls Option. This helps if you lost it after rebinding B to something else!
    • Increased scrolling strength times ten. AKA fixed an issue where the fewer inventory bags you had open, the more difficult it was to scroll through them.
    • Fixed an issue where the Long Range sphere for the Huntress was not working properly.
    • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t drag eggs into the incubation slot.
    • Fixed an issue where the Inventory wouldn’t remember if a bag wasn’t open or not. Clearly we need to work on all our memory problems.
    • Resolved an issue where unequipping a pet from the stables with a full pet bag will auto sell the pet for 0g.
    • Made it so you can’t unequip a pet when your pet bag is full. We think. Try it out! (or not if you read that other bug fix…)
    • Fixed an issue where the DPS number for the Flamethrower apprentice towers displayed as 0. Hint: It’s not zero.
    • Fixed an issue where small ledges stopped you from melee attacking. Now go forth and conquer those small ledges! You are the Small Ledge Conqueror! Nobody can stop you now!
    • Fixed an issue where Passives would not roll for a specific hero, which would cause an item to have mixed Passives. Sorry Huntrmonkstresses!
    • Fixed a bug where Movement Speed V was named Movement SPeed IV. We mean, Movement Speed IV.
    • Fixed an issue where the "Greatest Finds" loot would not be displayed on the Summary Screen.
    • Fixed an issue where you could put pets on the Item Enhancement wheel. Not yet, my young padawan.
    • Fixed an issue where through magic, and a very specific set of clicks, you could turn all your regular pet egg icons gold.
    • Fixed an issue where the Feed x10 button for own pet food only fed 1 piece at a time.
    • We might have fixed an issue where the Blacksmith and Relic Hunter only stocked 2 items at a time. Maybe.
    • Fixed an issue where Golden pet eggs didn’t count for pet Daily Missions. Golden pets are pets too!
    • Did a general sound mix pass so you can hear enemies from further away and obnoxiously loud towers are less obnoxious.
    • Fixed an issue on some maps where the Air Spawners were showing up all the time. Now they only show up when the air enemies are coming down that lane.
    • Fixed an issue where the Fire Cart on Town Entrance didn’t actually shoot fire. Or deal damage. Now it does both!
    • Fixed some line break issues with passives.
    • Fixed an issue where the color of a pet's name didn't match the color of the pet's tier in the tooltip.
    • Fixed a potential Blaze Balloon decal issue.
    • Fixed an issue where the Mauled Cleaver wasn’t using its proper mesh.
    • Fixed an issue where players could roleplay as a plumber and build inside the wooden water overpass in Forest Ambush.
    • Fixed an issue with Onslaught reward sounds being very loud.
    • Fixed an issue with Squire impact sounds playing twice.
    • Fixed various issues with NPC Dialogue.
    • Fixed an issue with Idle Elemental SFX on swords.
    • Removed the guards “flinch” reaction after being shot. Apparently, they don’t like being shot, and this only encouraged this behavior. For shame!
    • Fixed an issue where valve water traps were not killing enemies. Also fixed an issue where Valve hadn’t released Half-Life 3 by putting in this patch note and letting our magical power do its thing. #patchnotemagic
    • Fixed an issue where some pets were not playing their idle animations in the Pet Shop.
    • Fixed various tutorial timing issues.
    • Flying lanes now have the correct minimap eye-con. (This was in our commit log. Good one, Collins!)
    • The Barrel Trap no longer creates a blocking volume when activated.
    • Fixed an issue where players could get out of the castle maps.
    • Fixed an issue where the Liferoot Forest Incursion was setup using the incorrect schedule.
    • The Explodinator now has the correct icon setup.
    • Fixed an issue where, after reinstalling, some players were stuck replaying the tutorial.
    • Fixed an issue in Throne Room where you could push enemies inside the Eternia Crystals. Meanwhile, the Crystalline Dimension asks you to cut it out.
    • The bridge in the Forgotten Ruins also asks you to cut it out. I mean, we fixed it too.
    • Fixed a hole in the Goblin Infiltrator Huntress’ ears. Now she can hear again!
    • Made Thundergato’s sword less freaky. Made the new monthly pet just a sword.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not close the pet UI with the escape key. Now you can escape with escape. Just don’t watch Escape Plan.
    • Another memory leak down!
    • Made it so the Add Gems button now always works. We don’t know why it didn’t.
    • Changed “The Alchemist” to “The Enchantress,” since it makes more sense. Enchantment!
    • Fixed an issue where pet tooltips were all over the place.        
    • Fixed a bug where the Serenity Aura did not have any Crit Chance or Crit Damage setup.
    • Gave a little more love to the Blaze Balloon.
    • Fixed an issue where the descriptions for Uber Spheres were too long to be contained by their tooltips.
    • Fixed a ton of issues with Controller Support not working. Still didn’t get it to work.
    • Fixed an issue with the Red Riding Huntress accessory icons.
    • Fixed an issue where some Quest and Challenge notifications were too shy.
    • Taught the Relic Hunter some manners. Also, what Siphon Site D was called.
    • Also taught the Earthshatter Tower that dummies are not your friend. Don’t let their looks deceive you. Awww…..
    • Made the poison spit projectile more projectile-y. And poison-y!
    • Removed homing from the drenching wave pet ability. It will no longer loyally return to you.
    • Fixed other homing abilities so they do return to you.
    • Fixed bKnockUpIgnoreBuffInstigator. I just wanted to say that in a patch note.
    • Fixed other homing abilities abilities again, because the first fix didn’t work.
    • Made it so buffs can modify a towers’ abilities. Get ready for fun mode everyone! (Don’t ask me, ask Javahawk.)
    • “BOOM HEAD-SHOT” challenge now accepts the Huntress’ secondary attack.
    • Fixed a ton of issues with parties. Namely, that we weren’t having one. We mean:
      • Fixed an issue where players could be partying, but the server didn’t think they were.
      • Restricted parties to only 4 people. More than 4 is just too much, right?
      • Stopped inviting while matchmaking because that was just all kinds of broke.
      • Automatically declined invites while matchmaking, for double protection too.
      • Fixed more issues with invites. Where’s ours?
      • Removed lots of little unexpected events where parties could break.
      • Decided to keep players in a party if they log out. We know you didn’t want to stop!
    • Fixed an issue where elemental weapon damage would sometimes trigger the Crane Stance spec.
    • Fixed a bug where if the quest title text was too short, "[J] to open quest menu" couldn't fit into the frame .
    • Fixed a lot of naming issues with passives.
    • Another memory leak down! How many more to go now?
    • Fixed the most annoying issue in the world. (Resolved an issue where the Create Hero UI doesn't automatically close when you are prompted to create a character on a fresh profile.
    • Made it so you can close out of the Collections and Mailbox screens with the escape button!
    • #YOLOSWAGTASTIC. That was literally in the commit I’m translating right now. I think the rest of it has to do with not letting you unequip items when you have a full Inventory.
    • Fixed an issue where you could drag Shellium Shards to the Incubator.
    • Wait, did we ever say what the most annoying issue was? Hint: It’s when the scrollbar in the Inventory would bounce back for no reason.
    • Fixed incorrect rarity for Imphamy (Creeper) from Mythical to Epic.
    • Fixed an issue where the level up feedback was squished on 4x3 resolutions. How many of you still see in 4x3?
    • Fixed an issue where the icons of the unlockable accessories in the costume shop would switch order when clicking between the different accessories.
    • Corrected various music issues.
    • Fixed an issue where trying to open a lockbox or buy an embellishment without enough gems did not bring up the "Not Enough Gems" screen.
    • Fixed an issue where tooltips for previewing costumes were being hidden partially by the Costume Shop screen.
    • Fixed incorrect string on Thunder-O description.
    • Fixed ground traveling pet abilities to be more consistent with collision.
    • Fixed an issues where building Auras would not show the build progress meter.
    • Fixed an issue where pets icon’s background color were not based on their rarity
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes keybinds would not save when you restarted the game.  
    • Fixed an issue with Elemental Chaos where two straight storm attacks would not cause the enemy to be electrocuted.
    • Fixed an issue where the Sleepy Time Squire was not showing all of his accessories.
    • Fixed an issue where boosting the Napalm Balloon’s Crit Chance to 100% caused other stats on the inspect defense to display incorrectly.
    • Fixed an issue where Hero Crit Chance small spheres 1 and 2 cost the same.
    • Fixed an issue where the Sonic Boom Passive was only dealing 1 damage.
    • Fixed some issues with the visual effects and damage of Stalagmite pet ability.
    • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t see a player’s equipped pet.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes GetHealthPercent() would divide by zero. We all know nothing good can come from that.
    • Fixed some enemy collision issues. There are still a ton more.
    • Fixed an issue where servers would crash if your pet powered up. It was just too much power.
    • Made loading times a bit better. We think. What do you think?




    • Before equipping the Serenity Aura Gambit Skill Sphere, imagine the aura has 6000 life points - the player sees 100% - after equipping it, the player STILL sees 100% (instead of 75%) BUT the life force actually dropped to 4500 - so it functions as intended but it displays as 100%.
    • There is a hitch in the game’s framerate that will occur about every 60 seconds.
    • To avoid a crash, we made an adjustment that may cause some of the Skill Spheres to not match 100% the value it says it does (if you do the math). Lesser of two evils that had to happen. Will be fixed in the hotfix(es).
    • The monk's onslaught weapon is spawning without any primary or secondary stats.
    • At the end of a map, the g up to continue message for some reason slides off screen
    • In group parties on private matches, you have to wait for the summary screen timer to complete. The timer doesn't cut off like it does in the Public Tavern anymore
    • Changed the Pre-Alpha watermark to Alpha. And that’s it. That’s the Alpha & Beyond update. We did it! There’s nothing left to do with the game. It’s done. It’s finished.